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If you have employees you face two key questions:  How much can you contribute for yourself?  And, what is the appropriate amount to contribute for your employees?  Your plan contributions will lower your adjusted gross income, and as a result you may lower your annual tax bill.  Additionally, retirement plans help attract and retain quality employees.


When you invest in a “tax qualified” retirement plan, you’ll pay no taxes on your earnings until you start taking withdrawals.  Consequently, your earnings can grow faster than they would if placed in an investment on which you paid income taxes every year.


Because you generally put “pre-tax” dollars into your retirement plan your plan contributions will lower your adjusted gross income.  As a result you may lower your annual tax bill.


You can fund your retirement plan with an array of investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government securities and more.

Retirement Plan options include:

Safe Harbor 401(k)
401(k) Plans

Other options also include plans designed for employees of public schools, churches and certain non-profit organizations.

403(b) Plans
457(b) Plans

Your company plan your way—

Once you’ve chosen the right retirement plan for your business, we’ll be there to provide comprehensive education on retirement planning and investing, plus to answer any questions or concerns you or your employees may have.  We’ll let you know when it’s a good time to review your plan as well, and the plans of your employees if you have them.


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