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Group Dental Insurance for Houston, TX

Today, Dental insurance has become second only to medical as the most sought-after benefit offered through the employer/employee programs.  Why, because the relatively low cost versus ample benefit is easier to justify to both the employer and employee. Instant gratification is realized because people today are more conscientious of dental health than ever before; people like having great looking healthy teeth.

What kind of plans can I have ...?

More insurance companies are getting into the dental arena which certainly helps to create more competition, and creativity.  Here is just a short list of the more popular
types of dental plans; options within the plans would be too many to mention but that’s where the creativity comes in.

An Indemnity Plan would include an annual deductible, coinsurance levels for the four types of benefits, and an annual maximum. This plan would look something like this:

  • $50 Annual Deductible (Waived for Preventative)
  • 100% Preventative
  • 80% Basic
  • 50% Major
  • 50% Orthodontics - $1000 Lifetime Maximum
  • $1,500 Annual Maximum Benefit

An Indemnity Plan with a Passive PPO which would look like the plan above but includes a network of dentists who would charge discounted rates if you used them. Participants are not required to use the network if their dentist is not in it, but if you did your Annual Maximum would be extended because of the discounts.

A PPO Only Plan which would requires you to use the network. If your dentist is not in the network, and you didn’t want to change dentists, benefits would be paid according to the reimbursement levels of the network and you could possibly have a balance bill to pay.

A DMO PLAN (Dental Maintenance Organization) made up of dentists in a network who are reimbursed for their services with Co-Pays and Fees. This is usually the least expensive but the most restrictive.