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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That’s 365 apples a year.
We have a large selection of companies that can deliver group health insurance products that best suit you, for the days you forgot your apple.
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Group Voluntary Worksite Products

Term or Universal Life
These products are offered to the employees for both themselves and their dependents. Amounts of life insurance are based on the participation level of the eligible employees and usually the health statements that accompany the Simplified Issue requirements.

Usually the most sought-after worksite product simply because nearly everyone has been touched by someone affected by cancer. Many people who have medical insurance know it will pay for cancer treatment, but don’t think about the many things that are not paid for. Cancer benefits are paid in the form of cash back to the participant to offset some of these mentioned ineligible expenses.

Accident and Sickness
Occasionally an employer is not willing to sponsor or pay for a STD group plan so this is the perfect answer for those who want something personally. A limited voluntary Short Term Disability product that is designed for the individual needs and payroll deducted.

Critical Illness
When an employee or dependent is faced with a life changing event regarding their health, it is comforting to know that you can offset some of the concern by using this product. Benefits are based on the loss of a combination of two limbs or having a major illness which could affect you for the rest of your life, without losing your life. Again, these are cash benefits paid to the claimant whether or not you have medical insurance.

Medical Gap Insurance
When an employer has a group medical plan in place that uses a high deductible, $2500 or more, this product offers cash reimbursement for some of the expenses which would usually accumulate toward the satisfaction of the deductible. The savings in premium for the high deductible plan could be used to purchase this product and lighten the impact of the high deductible by chance a large claim is incurred.