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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That’s 365 apples a year.
We have a large selection of companies that can deliver group health insurance products that best suit you, for the days you forgot your apple.
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Group Voluntary Worksite Products

Life Insurance

  • Term – the definition of term insurance is self explanatory in that as long as premiums are paid for a specified period of time (term) the insurance is in force. There are no accumulated cash values to this product.

  • Whole Life – a permanent life insurance policy which is paid for the life of the contract and does have predetermined cash values under stipulated conditions. The cost is more than the term insurance due to the cash value build-up.

  • Universal Life – a lower cost permanent life product which has the combination of life insurance and a cash value side fund with the flexibility of design to meet the needs of a consumer.


  • Short Term -temporary medical coverage which would be used for people who are in between jobs or in their waiting period before their group insurance policy becomes effective. This is a very low cost product and does not pay for any pre-existing conditions.

  • Individual – medical insurance which is individually underwritten for the risk and is issued to a policyholder with a specified rate, which is subject to be changed during the course of the contract.

Long Term Disability
This is an individual product which is underwritten for a specified period of time for a specific amount of benefit. LTD insures a percentage of monthly income to be returned to a policyholder due to an accident or sickness during the life of the policy. The benefit is based on the current monthly income of an applicant and has internal adjustments during the insured period of time as incomes increase.

Long Term Care
This is a product which is underwritten for a specific amount of benefit and has internal adjustments (COLA) during the life of the contract. Discounts are given to husbands/wives who apply together and will be involved in the care-giving of one another. Long term care benefits are NOT covered by Medicare; this policy pays if a policyholder suffers from a combination of any two Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Those ADL’s are:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Transporting
  • Continence
  • Toileting