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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That’s 365 apples a year.
We have a large selection of companies that can deliver group health insurance products that best suit you, for the days you forgot your apple.
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Short Term Disability

This product is designed to protect a participant from losing total income of some level on a weekly basis.  There are characteristics of Short Term Disability that would fit the needs of most employees whether they are compensated on a salary level or on an hourly basis.  Things to consider when designing your Short Term Disability benefit are as follows:

  • Many times this product is used in place of a Salary Continuation program sponsored by the employer and in most cases less expensive.
  • Benefits are for a sickness or non-occupational accident.
  • Replacement benefits are usually based on 60% of pre-disability weekly income.
  • Maximum weekly benefits are usually a variable of the group population; the larger the group the bigger the maximum benefit.
  • Elimination periods can vary from 1-8-13, which reads 1st day accident, 8th day sickness,13 weeks maximum duration all the way up to a two year benefit duration period.
  • Short Term Disability products dovetail nicely into an extended benefit plan which we will discuss entitled Long Term Disability, designed specifically to accommodate a beneficiary when the disability is significantly extended.